Morgan plus 8 (FR)

Auction Finished

This 1996 Morgan plus 8 is finished in Marine Blue over a Red interior. This car is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 engine paired with a five-speed manual transaxle. This car is offered with French registration.


Blue Morgan plus 8 1996


The body and the interior are in excellent condition. The interior is finished in red with matching door panels and blue carpeting. The dash is accented by a wooden finish. A original flattened steering wheel is added to create more space in the cockpit.


red Morgan plus 8 1996 interior


The engine has been maintained very well. Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes are in good condition. New tires were added.


blue morgan plus 8 1996 engine



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Item condition: Used


Auction History

Auction has finished

Auction failed because item did not make it to reserve price

Highest bidder was: camille

Date Bid User Auto
11/05/2021 17:0720 500camille
11/05/2021 11:4620 000Gaetan
08/05/2021 12:3817 241camille
08/05/2021 12:3816 741camille
06/05/2021 15:5916 241Louise Montagne
06/05/2021 12:3715 741ClaudioGem
06/05/2021 05:1115 241hr
06/05/2021 05:101 024hr
05/05/2021 18:00Auction started


11/05/2021 17:07    20 500 bid placed by camille

11/05/2021 11:46    20 000 bid placed by Gaetan

08/05/2021 12:38    17 241 bid placed by camille

08/05/2021 12:38    16 741 bid placed by camille

06/05/2021 15:59    16 241 bid placed by Louise Montagne

06/05/2021 12:37    15 741 bid placed by ClaudioGem

06/05/2021 05:11    15 241 bid placed by hr

06/05/2021 05:10    1 024 bid placed by hr

  1. hr

    Good Morning
    I l8ke to bid on this car or maybe negotiate directly with the seller
    But I registered and no chance to place a bid !!
    Will you please contact me I also speak flaams and German

    0049 172 2121957

    • Iss

      Hi, the auction of this car has not started yet. The auction will start on 5/05/2021 at 6 pm. If you have any questions, don ‘t hesitate to ask.

  2. Hillewaere Peter

    Whats the lowest price, I would directly do an offer apon.

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