Jaguar 240 TYPE MK2 1968

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This 1968 Jaguar 240 Type Mk2 is finished in Grey over a Blue interior. This car was sold new in France on May 21, 1968. Later sold by Paul Mercier in Bordeaux to a consulate. With only 3 owners before, the car is in excellent condition. Furthermore, the car needs to be refreshed a bit. The car will be sold with technical control. Pay attention to the steering box and a windshield seal, because it is very dry. The car is equipped with a 3.4L engine and not the original 2.4L. This car is offered with French license plate.


Jaguar 240 MK2 1968


This beautiful Jaguar 240 type MKII shows no trace of corrosion. The cabin is upholstered in brown leatherette with matching door panels and carpets. The upholstery is in very good condition. The carpets are very clean. The woodwork is complete, original and in good condition. The door panels are damaged at the front and the roof canopy is not stained or has holes in it. This vehicle is complete and has still his original paint.


Jaguar 240 MK2 1968

Jaguar 240 MK2 1968


The two-spoke leather steering wheel front a 200 km/h speedometer. The 2.8-liter was rated at 170 horsepower and is paired with a four-speed automatic transmission. The 6-cylinder MK engine runs smoothly over 250 km without heating or smoke, with an always optimal oil pressure.


Jaguar 240 MK2 1968


Additional photo of the underbody (see gallery for more pictures). A renovation of the dynamo and the electric relay have been made. The car is very pleasant at the level of its suspensions and starts at the quarter of turn.


Jaguar 240 MK2 1968


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17/11/2020 10:1212 500Bastiennn
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  1. Nicholas

    Bonjour, en prévision du rapatriement du véhicule, où se trouve le véhicule en France ?

    • Bastiennn

      Bonjour @cperez3. Cette voiture se trouve à Marcq.

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