Buick Regal Limited

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This Buick regal limited is in perfect condition. The current owner has had it repainted for a few years. The car has had a major maintenance and the current owner has not saved on the necessary costs. The frame is shown in the photo album. The current owner shows that a full report is delivered with the car. Also a value determination. The car drives and brakes well. On the rights behind flank the car has a small damage of about one centimeter (photo is included in the album). The car is inspected for sale and is delivered with the necessary belgian papers.

The car has been in storage with the current owner for years. This shows therefore no sign of oxidation or damage. The interior of the car is in its original condition. The limited is known for its luxurious design, but is not as much produced.

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*Limited edition

*4 seats

*Cruise control

*New tires

*Perfect interior

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