Porsche 356C cabrio

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Porsche 356 SC from 1963
Built with an 1600cc engine and 95HP
This car is in very good original condition, and only 2nd owner!

No damage on the car, drives and brakes well.


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The Convertibles were built from the beginning of the 356, but the first open Porsche that impressed was the Speedster, which was introduced in 1954, after the success of a series of 15 special roadsters in the United States. The Speedster, with the bodywork of Reutter, was abandoned in 1958 and replaced by the more civilized D-Convertible, which differed mainly in its larger windscreen and lowered side windows. Construction was entrusted to several independent bodybuilders, mainly Reutter with considerable help from Karmann in Osnabrück, Drauz in Heilbronn and D’Ieteren in Brussels. In 1963 Reutter was bought by Porsche and from then on all 356 compartments and convertibles were built in Stuttgart, with only the hardtop compartments being built by Karmann.

Externally very close to the last 356 B’s the ultimate 356 C model came in 1963 equipped with Dunlop disc brakes – which appeared on the 2-litre Carrera 2 – among the many improvements in detail. The offered engines – both 1.6-litre – were 75 hp on the C and 95 hp on the SC, the latter replacing the Super 90.

During the test drive of the 1600 SC Sporting Motorist concluded: “Porsche has always been a very individualistic car, and it still is after all these years. Softer, quieter and more refined than before, it remains a ‘driver’s car’, with that indefinable ability to respond to the judgement and skill of the person behind the wheel. The journalist of Sporting Motorist wrote this more than 50 years ago, but these words are still relevant today and explain the undiminished seductive power of this legendary German sports car.

The 356 C Convertible dates from the penultimate year of production and features the attractive 95 hp SC engine.

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