Lotus Élan série 1964 (FR)

Auction Finished

This 1964 Lotus Élan série is finished in Red over a black interior. This car is powered by a 1.6-liter engine paired with a four-speed manual transaxle. The car is in perfect condition. This car is offered with Spanish registration.


Lotus Elan serie 1 1964


The interior is finished in Black with matching door panels and carpeting. The interior is in excellent condition. The dash, shifter and steering wheel are accented by a wooden trim.


Lotus Elan serie 1 1964

Lotus Elan serie 1 1964


The engine has been overhauled and the engine has been improved with a displacement increased to 1650cc. The 1.6-liter engine produces 105 hp and has only 20.000 km on the counter. The engine runs perfect without any problem.


Lotus Elan serie 1 1964

Lotus Elan serie 1 1964


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Item condition: Used



Auction History

Auction has finished

Auction failed because item did not make it to reserve price

Highest bidder was: Guido

Date Bid User Auto
25/01/2021 14:4127 000Guido
25/01/2021 10:4826 500Woodwick
24/01/2021 12:0926 000Romastars
23/01/2021 23:4625 500franspee
23/01/2021 23:4025 000Guido
23/01/2021 09:5324 500franspee
22/01/2021 19:1524 000Guido
22/01/2021 11:2623 500Louise Montagne
21/01/2021 10:5123 000franspee
20/01/2021 16:5822 500Guido
20/01/2021 15:3122 000Pierry
20/01/2021 11:2720 000Guido
19/01/2021 20:00Auction started


25/01/2021 14:41    27 000 bid placed by Guido

25/01/2021 10:48    26 500 bid placed by Woodwick

24/01/2021 12:09    26 000 bid placed by Romastars

23/01/2021 23:46    25 500 bid placed by franspee

23/01/2021 23:40    25 000 bid placed by Guido

23/01/2021 09:53    24 500 bid placed by franspee

22/01/2021 19:15    24 000 bid placed by Guido

22/01/2021 11:26    23 500 bid placed by Louise Montagne

21/01/2021 10:51    23 000 bid placed by franspee

20/01/2021 16:58    22 500 bid placed by Guido

20/01/2021 15:31    22 000 bid placed by Pierry

20/01/2021 11:27    20 000 bid placed by Guido

  1. rudy.daelemans1@telenet.be

    Where must the car picked up?In Spain?
    Is 20000€ ok for you?

    • Admin

      Hi Rudy, thank you for your comment. The car is located in France. €20.000 is the starting bid price and the auction starts on 19/01 at 20h. From then on you can start bidding. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  2. Noel

    Can you send me a mail when the auction starts?

    • Admin

      Yes of course.

  3. Noel

    Can you arrange transport?
    The car is on Spanish plates, would those be historical? When is ITV due?
    There is a photo of the cylinderhead, what do the two circles mean?

    • Petit

      Hi @Noel, The car has a Spanish license plate. I don’t have the history except for the engine which has been revised by me. There are no taxes on old cars. This is the picture of the cylinder head. The red circles were meant for my mechanic.

    • Admin

      Mecanic Import can provide transport (fee exclusive).

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