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The Honda Reflex (TLR200) is a dual purpose trials motorcycle sold through 1986 to 1987. Both year models are exactly the same. 1987 models were left over bikes from 1986, re-badged as 1987 models.

This bike is a 1986 and is full restored by snezzy trailsports.

The Honda Reflex used an XR200 engine in a different frame. This engine was also used in a three-wheeler made by Honda.

The Reflex also has the tight turning radii typical of trials motorcycles. Its steering column can almost turn completely perpendicular to the bike’s frame. It’s designed to be a stand up motorcycle, though it does have a seat and lights for road use. With light sprocket modifications it is a functional bike for motorcycle trials.

Type: Gasoline air cooled 4 stroke cycle

Bore x Stroke: 65.5 x 57.8mm

Compression Ratio: 8.2:1 

Valve Train: Over head cam Chain driven

Maximum Horsepower: 13.4ps/6,500rpm 

Displacement: 194cc

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Top condition Trail bike restored by snezzy tailsport.

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