Ford Custom Roadster 1934

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Ford introduced this car after the great succes of the model A. The Ford Roadster was performed with Ford’s new V8. Because of the economic pressures, Ford rushed the Roadster to the market. The car showed a new streamlined design. Ford was known for their simplicity, while the coachwork of the Roadster was quite elegant and was produced by the Murray Body Company. Murray Body Company was an independent Detroid-based coachbuilder. 

This car was built in 2005 to star in the 2006 SEMA show; the car was built on the legendary Briggs of Michigan pro stock frame with the beste components.

Starting with a V-shaped slanted grille, followed angled slats down the hood. There is an elegant swooping-yet-sleek flow with a durable engine that was produced with limited modifications. The Roadster was the quickest car in its time. The top of the car is finished in beautiful gold while the bottom is finished in silver. These colors combined gives the car a royal look. The paintwork is just excellent and doesn’t show any flaws. The engine bay is accessed by an upward-opening hinged panel on each side of the hood that neatly rests in a notch on the bodywork when open. 

The engine is incredibly simple. The only other components that are visible on the outside of the flathead V8, are a radiator and a fan, as well as a carburetor and an air filter. The interior is just as elegantly simple as the engine bay, with a handsomely design, crushy bench seat and limited controls. This car feels strong and has fully powered door and trunk openers. 

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