Ferrari F348 TS

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The 348 was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti for Pininfarina. This beautiful 1992 Ferrari F348 TS is finished in Rosso Corsa over black leather interior. This car was sold new in Belgium. This car is powered by a 3.4-liter V8 paired with a five-speed manual transaxle. The car has been maintained very well (see gallery for invoices). Features include a removable roof panel, Scuderia fender shields, slatted side air intakes, and louvered tail lights. This Ferrari F348 TS is in excellent condition and is offered with service records and invoices.


Red Ferrari 348 TS 1992


Black original wheels from a Ferrari 360 are mounted on the car. The Pininfarina-designed bodywork is finished in Rosso Corsa. Additional features are power windows and power side mirrors.


Ferrari F348 TS 1992

Ferrari F348 TS 1992


The interior features sport seats trimmed in black leather with matching door panels and carpets. The car is equipped with air conditioning, a Kenwood stereo and a shifter.


Ferrari F348 TS 1992

Ferrari F348 TS 1992


This car was always maintained trough a Ferrari specialist. See gallery for invoices. A three-spoke steering wheel frames Veglia instrumentation including a 300 km/h speedometer and a tachometer with a 10.000 rpm. Just over 32.000 kilometers are shown on the six-digit odometer.


Ferrari F348 1992 gauges


The 3.4-liter quad-cam V8 was rated at 300 horsepower with 238 lb-ft of torque when new. The engine underwent a major maintenance (see gallery for pictures).


Ferrari F348 TS 1992 engine


Additonal pictures of the bottom and invoice (see gallery for more invoices).


Ferrari F348 TS 1992

Ferrari F348 TS 1992


This Ferrari F348 TS is offered with factory five-spoke alloy wheels with new tires.


Factory Ferrari five-spoke alloy wheels


Big maintenance was held (see gallery for pictures and invoices).


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Highest bidder was: Georg

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26/10/2020 22:5851 500Georg
26/10/2020 22:5650 500M_Oben
26/10/2020 20:0546 000Voitureancienne
26/10/2020 20:0245 000carlover
26/10/2020 19:0644 000ACC
26/10/2020 18:5043 000Dieter
26/10/2020 18:3742 000Georg
26/10/2020 18:0941 000user23
26/10/2020 12:0840 000Phillip_bando
25/10/2020 10:2039 000Massimo ferla
23/10/2020 20:1538 000Blot-Litique
22/10/2020 17:0837
22/10/2020 14:5436 000Guillaume
20/10/2020 13:4735 000DidierT
16/10/2020 18:00Auction started

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26/10/2020 22:58    51 500 bid placed by Georg

26/10/2020 22:56    50 500 bid placed by M_Oben

26/10/2020 20:05    46 000 bid placed by Voitureancienne

26/10/2020 20:02    45 000 bid placed by carlover

26/10/2020 19:06    44 000 bid placed by ACC

26/10/2020 18:50    43 000 bid placed by Dieter

26/10/2020 18:37    42 000 bid placed by Georg

26/10/2020 18:09    41 000 bid placed by user23

26/10/2020 12:08    40 000 bid placed by Phillip_bando

25/10/2020 10:20    39 000 bid placed by Massimo ferla

23/10/2020 20:15    38 000 bid placed by Blot-Litique

22/10/2020 17:08    37 000 bid placed by

22/10/2020 14:54    36 000 bid placed by Guillaume

20/10/2020 13:47    35 000 bid placed by DidierT

  1. MOben

    Beautiful 348!
    Can you disclose what the previous owner count is?

    Thank you!

    • Wim

      Hi @MOben, Thank you, I’m glad you like the car. It is indeed a beauty. The car had 2 owners before me but always well maintained as you can see at the invoices 🙂

  2. bossie

    Hey, wat bedoel je met scuderia spatborden? Op foto’s sluiten de bumpers niet goed aan. Is dit normaal?
    Mvg. Christophe

    • Wim

      @bossie, Met Scuderia spatborden werd bedoeld (volgens mij) want de omschrijving van de wagen wordt door Load and Pay geschreven: de zijspatborden hebben de looks van een Scuderia. Verder sluiten de bumpers perfect op elkaar aan en is er niets op aan te merken. De wagen verkeert in een uitstekende staat.

  3. Voitureancienne

    Belle voiture!!

  4. M_Oben

    Proficiat met het winnen van de bieding Georg! Ik hoop dat jullie een mooie deal uitgewerkt krijgen!

    @Wim, moest de verkoop voor één of andere reden toch niet kunnen doorgaan mag je me steeds contacteren.

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