Citroen DS

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29/06/2020 22:18    19 300 bid placed by Perrier.Dupont

29/06/2020 17:17    19 000 bid placed by Simonnet333

28/06/2020 18:11    18 500 bid placed by Perrier.Dupont

26/06/2020 14:19    18 000 bid placed by Samuel

  1. Samuel

    Très bien restaurée.

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Burgundy color with a paint and bodywork restored with new period parts. The engine compartment, the underbody, the trunk, are part of the restoration. The roof is covered with black vinyl.

The painted sheet metal rims with their Pallas central hubcaps are in very good condition. The spare wheel is in very good condition. The Michelin XAS brand tires are the right size and are in very good condition.

The 4-cylinder engine works well. The hydraulic gearbox, the transmission, the front drive train, the cardan shafts, the power steering, the brakes and accessories, the radiator, the spheres, the hydraulics, the stainless steel exhaust line and all the mechanical parts related to the engine are part of the restoration with new period mechanical parts.

Chrome and stainless steel these are all in very good condition.

The electrical circuit is apparently in good condition.

Exterior accessories
The turn signals, Pallas lights, directional headlights under glass bubble, bumpers, Pallas rods, mirrors, Pallas sideboards, turn signal brackets, monograms; are in very good condition.

Interior accessories
The original steering wheel, Pallas dome lights, Pallas door handles, the dashboard is complete with its instruments, the Pallas stainless steel door sills, the seat belts: are in very good condition.

The burgundy Pallas carpeting, the front and rear seats and door trim, which are in black leather, the black leather door tops, the head restraints, the roof canopy and its Pallas headbands, are in very good condition.

This DS 21IE Pallas has been entirely restored with new period parts, what a charm. DS 21IE are sought after by DS collectors. This one was made to make a new DS. The dimensions of these cars cannot claim a figure that is difficult to evaluate. They are unique, generally those that are professionally restored are made with remade parts, but not with new period parts like the one described. Its replacement value is according to these low value claims.

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Highest bidder was: Perrier.Dupont

29/06/2020 22:1819 300Perrier.Dupont
29/06/2020 17:1719 000Simonnet333
28/06/2020 18:1118 500Perrier.Dupont
26/06/2020 14:1918 000Samuel
24/06/2020 09:00Auction started