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Chenard et Walcker is a French car brand created by Ernest Chenard and Henry Walcker in 1899. Fourth French manufacturer in volume around 1922 under the direction of engineer Lucien Chenard, it is the first winner of the first edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1923 and collects victories in motor racing. Its commercial success is ensured by its luxurious sports and touring cars.

In addition to its automobile range, trucks were produced from 1931 onwards. The company was spun off by the Société des usines Chausson in 1936 and automobile production ceased in 1940. After the Second World War, the company will produce trucks and utility vehicles marketed by the Peugeot brand until 1965.

Chenard was founded in 1888 by Ernest Chenard (1861-1922) to manufacture bicycles, tricycles and quadricycles. A patent license on the quadricycle is sold to an English industrialist named Duncan1, which brings capital to Chenard to ensure the expansion of his company. In 1899, the company was transformed into the Chenard and Walcker limited partnership; Henry Walcker (1873-1912), a partner in the partnership, was a Chenard client interested in automobiles. The financing of Chenard et Walcker was mainly done by Mr. Jacques Donnay.

Ernest Chenard and Henry Walcker set up their workshop on rue de Normandie in Asnières at the beginning of 1899 to manufacture cycles, motorcycles (tricycles and quadricycles) and then engines and carts.

De Chausson à Chausson-Peugeot (1945-1992)

After the Second World War, the company specialized in the manufacture of a 1,500 kg payload van with a forward-cab and front-wheel drive equipped with a liquid-cooled, in-line, two-stroke, two-cylinder engine, then a four-cylinder from the Peugeot 2027.

Chenard remains independent until it is definitively absorbed by Société des usines Chausson, itself a subsidiary of Peugeot, and then continues to produce its vans marketed in the Peugeot network under this brand (Peugeot D3 and D4).

Legally, the company will not be dissolved and will continue until 1992 through Chausson, which will manufacture Citroën, Peugeot and Renault light commercial vehicles. The name “Chenard et Walcker" will no longer appear anywhere except in the company register (source infogreffe).



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