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The Shelby Cobra is the most famous and relevant of all the automotive legends. When it came to power, it was no secret that Americans strongly believed that more was always better. The story of the Shelby Cobra begins as a collaboration between Ford and British automaker AC. Initial the Shelby Cobra was supposed to be a race car but then they decided to modify the race cars for road use.



This Shelby Cobra is finished in blue color with two white lines crossing vertically the car. These two colors combined will give the car a racing look. This Shelby was imported form America. The Shelby Cobra has got a full maintenance in Wisconsin so the car could be transported to Europe in mint condition.



The Shelby Cobra is performed by a 7500CC V8 big block 460 Cl Ford and was stroked to 514 cl by Westech in America. With this kind of power under his hood, the car reaches 100 km/h in just 4,2 seconds. After the car got his full maintenance the car has driven only 3800 KM more in Europe. This beautiful blue Shelby is imported to Belgium from Fontana, America and will be presented with Belgium papers.



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